Diagram of Banana Plant

Diagram of Banana PlantThese terms will be used throughout the blog, so it is a good idea to become comfortable with them or keep this photo handy.

Sucker or Pup: the baby banana plant that we will separate from the Pseudostem (mother plant) when it is ready. These “pups” we then use to plant in other areas. When transporting pups make sure they are very well watered both before, during and after transport.

Corm:  Corms serve as a storage organ of which the banana plant can use to survive adverse hot and cold weather conditions. Until there is no corm left behind, the banana plant is still alive! Banana plants are fighters. You can cut it down to the corm and replant it or even cut up the corn a few times to create more than one plant. When cutting the pup off from the mother plant please be sure to take its corm along with it.

Hand: Another word for the first bunch of bananas that grow on the banana plant.


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